The Incredible Benefits of Executive Jet Charters

Business Jet Charter Provides So Many Benefits to Today’s Most Successful

Traveling privately is more than a perk or luxury these days – business jet charters adds significant value to your business trip. Today’s most successful executives have no time for crowded airports and cramped, overbooked commercial flights. In addition to outstanding convenience and an amazing, highly personalized service experience, traveling by private air charter provides you with complete control over your itinerary and travel schedule. Not to mention an enhanced level of safety and security.

Traveling privately translates into more time to accomplish your goals and more flexibility to achieve success. It saves an incredibly valuable, irreplaceable business resource – time, and promotes efficiency and better business partnerships.


Probably the most significant benefit for flying private is the time passengers can save in doing so. When private aviation travelers fly, he or she can arrive at the airport just minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. They also experience the benefit of a non-stop, direct route to travel destinations, as opposed to spending time stuck trying to make connecting flights, layovers, etc. in jam-packed airports with endless TSA lines.

Additionally, flying executive jet charter means having more productive time while onboard the aircraft. Since travel schedules are optimized for efficiency and private aircraft cabins are configured in a way that is conducive to working, private passengers can get more work done in-flight. Some private passengers even believe they are more productive on company aircraft than at the office, because distractions are minimized.

Business aircraft passengers can take the time they need both in-flight and on the ground to communicate and engage with customers. Not wasting time means business professionals are able to get more accomplished and be more successful. For some fliers, this may mean spending their time relaxed while in the air, mentally preparing for a big upcoming meeting or presentation.

Studies have shown the efficiency of private air charter can be demonstrated by companies using business aircraft, who display outperformance in annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth and market capitalization. These same studies show that businesses using private aviation provide a greater ROI to shareholders than ones in a similar industry that do not.

Often, business jet travelers need to transport specific tools, equipment or materials for business purposes. These necessities can sometimes be in direct conflict with airline carry-on or luggage regulations however. Even if these or other items are in line with commercial airline regulations, there is always a chance that luggage contents can be lost or damaged in-flight, potentially disastrous to a trip to visit a major customer or partner.

Flying private allows business travelers to be more efficient since they can carry what they need directly onto their flights. Because of this, the chance of having luggage lost or damaged on private flights is practically nil.

In addition to providing these many benefits of private flying, safety is always our primary concern here at Priority One Jets. Every one of our flights at Priority One is Federal Aviation (FAR) Part 135 compliant, with two pilots type-certified for the particular aircraft being chartered in command. Each of our pilots is ATP-rated, and every flight is audited by ARG/US or Wyvern, the third-party auditors that represent the highest standards in the jet charter industry.

Our air charter experts will also always ensure that you are on the most appropriate private plane for your specific itinerary, at the best jet charter rates you’ll find anywhere. Let Priority One Jets arrange your business charter flight, and travel in luxurious comfort as you head to your next critical meeting or site visit.

We specialize in arranging flights to all destinations, domestic and international – wherever your itinerary may take you. Give us a call at 888 671-5387 and speak to one of our experienced jet charter agents, or contact us today. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can arrange your next flight and have it waiting on the tarmac for you with as little as four hours’ notice.

Our service to you is right in our name- Your Safe, Flexible and Comfortable Jet Charter Travel is Our Top Priority.