Private Jet Charter Aircraft Options

Jet Charter: From Light Jets to Heavy Jets

There is a spectrum of private jet options available to today’s air charter consumer. You will always identify the perfect jet for your upcoming charter with your private jet charter expert at Priority One Jets, but here is some basic information on jet aircraft that might help you form your own opinions.

We begin with Large or Heavy Jets, the flagships of luxury jet charter service. They range in size from the 10-passenger Challenger 605 to the new 16-passenger Global Express. Most large cabins accommodate 9 to 13 passengers comfortably and include a Cabin Attendant, full galley for customized in-flight catering, state of the art multimedia entertainment and a fully enclosed lavatory. Cabin dimensions vary by type, but are typically 6′ high, which allows many people to stand fully upright, 7′ wide and 30’+ long. Most cabins can convert to sleeping arrangements for passengers as well. Large jets have a range up to 12 flight hours non-stop, with fuel reserves, and are the preferred option for international flights and those that must accommodate larger groups. For private charter flights, Large cabin jet charters are the pinnacle of luxury, convenience and comfort.

Some of the best all-around performers in private jet charter are the Midsize Jets, which typically seat 6 to 8 passengers. They feature a stand-up cabin with typical dimensions of 5’10” high, 6′ wide and 20′ long, and also provide an enclosed rear lavatory. Most have a four to five hour range, with a few such as the Hawker 800XP, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Challenger 300 and Lear 55, boasting a 6-7 hour range, enabling coast-to-coast flights with the necessary fuel reserve. Midsize jets include a mini-galley and most are equipped with multimedia entertainment options. Interior comforts include a combination of leather reclining captain’s chairs and luxurious leather couches. Midsize jet private charter flights represent an outstanding combination of performance, comfort and efficiency.

Light Jets are the premier value in jet charter, and can typically seat 6 passengers comfortably, with a maximum of 8. Cabin dimensions are similar to those found in a stretch limousine, typically 4’8″ high, 5′ wide and 15″ long. Many include an enclosed lavatory such as the Citation V and Beechjet 400. Some also offer cabin space that matches that of some Midsized jets. Light jets can have a range of up to 1500 miles, making these aircraft popular for regional charter flights of up to 3 hours. Most light jets feature luxury appointments such as leather and hardwood interiors, a mini-galley and audio/video entertainment. Light jet charters provide some of the best value, agility and efficiency in the industry. Also included in this category are the Very Light Jets (VLJ), a fairly recent addition to the private jet industry. They fill a niche between Light jets and smaller Executive Turboprops, with a maximum range of 1,150 miles and dimensions comparable to that of a minivan. Similar to standard Light jets, VLJ charters are the most economical options and provide entry-level jet charter service for shorter, regional trips.

Priority One Jets has long-term relationships with a large network of operators that give us access to over 5,000 aircraft in total, to meet any of your unique traveling needs. Take advantage of this comprehensive selection of the safest, top-rated aircraft – always audited by third-party auditors Wyvern and ARG/US – and always flown by the most experienced ATP-rated pilots. Priority One Jets will always provide you with the greatest selection of aircraft choices in both type and in private jet charter rates.

Our promise to you is to always provide the most appropriate aircraft for your trip at the best available price. Give one of our experienced jet charter agents a call at (888) 671-5387 when it’s time for your next charter flight to provide you with a quote. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your needs, and can arrange your charter flight with as little as four hours’ notice.