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Thought you'd seen it all? You're in for a packed calendar of cultural events, film festivals and a buzzing fashion scene. When you arrive via private jet in Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest city, will be a place you'll never forget. Take in an adult beverage at Congo, an easy going outdoor watering hole. Belly up to the bar early though because long lines form outside the bar from midnight on as Congo is one of the most frequented late-night establishments in town.

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For the jet-set foodie, there is nothing in the world quite like El Bistro. The bright white interior with unicorn heads mounted on the walls is as unique as the menu. Suckling pig confit and citrus melon tacos are their specialty. Finish up with a bowl of mint and rosehip ice cream and you'll be ready to move on to the tango show in the adjacent cabaret.

Late night you should move on the Niceto Club, which is the most consistently bumping spot in Buenos Aires. In the know tourists usually show up for Thursday's awe inspiring show featuring break-dancers and bikini clad locals gyrating to electronic beats.

Ground Transportation: Look out for the many black taxis with yellow roofs and unless you speak the Espanol, write down your hotel address so it is easy to relay to the driver for directions.

Packing Tips: Portenos are a fashion conscious crowd. Capris pants or khaki shorts are ideal for urban sightseeing and remember your shades and sunscreen. Finally, bring your own supply of toilet paper as TP is not always found in public restrooms.

Recommended Books: Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges - Borges is considered the godfather of Argentine literature. Also check out A Universal History of Iniquity by the same author.

Cuisine: Argentine food is a blend of Italian and Spanish Mediterranean influence and is typically fresh with Argentina's abundant supply of locally grown livestock and agricultural products. Asado, Argentina's take on BBQ, is the most ubiquitous food for the country. Sunday is usually a day where families share large meals including asado or homemade pasta.

Currency: Argentine Peso

Calling Code Argentina: 54

Best Travel Dates: From November to February long summer days on the beach blend into wild party nights in Buenos Aires.

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