The elongated South American country of Argentina sits on Chile's right side and extends to the southernmost tip of the continent. Although your private jet charter to Argentina will deliver a wide range of urban activities, these are only a modest secondary attraction to the region's natural wonders. From sub-tropical jungles to snow capped mountains, an array of landscapes catapult visitors into amazing adventures.

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Argentina is also known for its more typical characteristics. You can see tango dancers and gauchos, enjoy a glass of wine from the famous Mendoza wineries, and live it up when the country's rich nightlife ignites. Take a jet charter to Argentina and experience the most European South American destination around.

Must SeeBuenos Aires, the urban capital city of Argentina, whizzes with life that reflects the unique, world-famous personality of Argentinian locals. The country is certainly more America-like than its neighbors, but the population's fervent national pride results in a special identity known as "Argentinidad". The people's passion for fast, loud lifestyles shows in everything from their football fandom to their driving habits. And there is no better place to experience Argentina's fast atmosphere than Buenos Aires. Be sure to spend time in this vibrant city when you fly via jet charter to Buenos Aires.

Regardless if you are a big nature enthusiast, when you travel to Argentina seeing a natural site or two is an absolute must. Away from the city, Argentina's pace slows down and the world becomes vibrantly colorful. In the northern jungle, Iguazú Falls gleams with rushing blues and lush greens. You can spend an entire day here taking a boat ride or just exploring the area. Other top natural destinations in Argentina include the Andes Mountains, the glacial Patagonian Steppe, and multiple nature preserves, where you can see sea lions, whales, penguins, exotic birds and more unique wildlife.

Lodging: Gorgeous ranches (estancias) in the northern region of Argentina have been converted into luxury resorts that are perfect for your stay. These mansions are more than 100 years old and display European influence to deliver elegant, sophisticated accommodations.

Another popular option for those who fly by jet charter to Argentina are the various rental cabins or weekend houses. These privately owned â€œcabañas” can be rented for short-term periods, and they are located throughout the country's different regions, including rural areas, coastal spots, and the mountains. Five-star hotels are also widely available for travelers who prefer a more typical modern lodging option.

Ground Transportation: Argentina has a well-built transportation infrastructure, making it easy for visitors to get around and see all the sites. Both public and upscale buses are available, some with on-board Wi-Fi as well as food and liquor. Long-distance travel within the country is also comfortable by train.

Recommended BooksIn Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin (1977). Before your jet charter to Argentina, learn about the country's glacial Patagonia region by reading Chatwin's autobiographical account of his Patagonian experience. Chatwin left his newspaper job when a 93-year-old woman explained her dream to visit Patagonia. He went to explore in her place and spent six months in Argentina collecting the stories that turned into this book.

Currency: The Argentine peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Argentina: 011 + 54 + phone number (may begin with 0, 10 digits for both cell and land line numbers).

Best Travel Dates and Packing Tips: The best time of year to take a jet charter to Argentina largely depends on your desired activities. Remember that when it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Argentina is cold in the thick of winter.

If you want to visit the Iguazú Falls, plan your trip between August through October, when the water is fuller and cooler, making the spring foliage most colorful. Buenos Aires is warmer and less "touristy" during January and February, while the Patagonia and lake regions are best from December to March. No matter the time of year, Argentina experiences large daily temperature changes, so it's important to bring a variety of clothing, both cool and warm.

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