Brazil is the perfect destination to forget about the daily grind and seriously live it up. Explore the jungle, or party all night and day. Either way, a private jet to Brazil is the ultimate South American getaway. Brazil is an enormous country, bigger than the continental United States and the largest in South America. 

Private Jet Brazil

The nation is well-known for its annual Carnival (Mardi Gras) celebration during February and early March. Whether you go to the festival or not, Brazil is always partying, making it a great place to let loose. Travelers by jet charter to Brazil can also experience breathtaking natural sights ranging from mountains and dunes to beaches and rushing waterfalls.

Must See: If you take a jet charter to Brazil, the one thing you must absolutely do is make time to see the Amazon Rainforest. Over one billion acres in size of amazing biodiversity, these Brazilian jungles are home to 2,000 different mammals and birds, 2,200 fish species, more than 40,000 plant species, and approximately 2.5 million insect species. A single pond in Brazil can sustain a greater variety of fish than is found in all of Europe's rivers; a 25-acre plot of rainforest may contain more than 700 species of trees - a number equal to the total tree diversity of North America. Many of the drugs used today, including a large percentage of anti-cancer drugs, originated from species found in the Amazon. Your Eco Tourism visit to see this lush locale and unique plants and animals - very many undiscovered - will help ensure this priceless treasure for future generations.

You also can't go to Brazil without visiting Rio de Janeiro. Known as the 'cidade maravilhosa' (marvelous city), this intoxicating city offers an urban atmosphere that is distinguished by an exhilarating tropical mood. Drop by a dance hall, grab a cocktail, and samba the night away. Seductive Rio de Janeiro is no place to take it slow. Put your party outfit on and go.

Lodging: Brazil's bigger cities offer plenty of high-class hotels with luxurious amenities. The Accor Group hotels, run by a French company, are well-known for providing top of the line accommodations. For the ultimate sophisticated stay, choose one of Accora's Sofitel hotels. Modern, more mid-range options include Accora's Mercure and Ibis.

If you prefer a cozier lodging, consider staying in a Brazilian pousada outside of the large cities. These bed-and-breakfast type inns offer travelers a comfortable, chic option for staying in Brazil.

Ground Transportation: Brazil is a wild country and its transportation infrastructure is no exception. Roads run throughout the populated areas, but they could use better maintenance. Local drivers are a bit cavalier with safety as well, so be sure to use caution if you travel by car. Luxury buses are recommended as the safest mode of travel around cities.

Recommended Books: How to Be a Carioca, Priscilla Ann Goslin (1992). Set in Rio de Janeiro, Goslin's international bestseller showcases one of Brazil's most fascinating stereotypical lifestyles - the Carioca lifestyle. The author's tongue-in-cheek exploration of this local attitude gives readers a fun look into the lives of Rio de Janeiro residents. It's the perfect read before your jet charter to Brazil for a general understanding of the nation's culture.

Currency: The Brazilian real is the local currency.

Calling Code Brazil: 011 + 55 + phone number (may begin with 0; land lines are 10 digits, cell phones are either 10 or 11).

Best Travel Dates and Packing Tips: Brazil is situated on the equator, so the weather is often hot. Throughout the year, the country gets temperatures ranging from the 80s to the high 90s. Light clothes and sunscreen are definitely in order. If you travel to the southern Brazilian states during winter, there is a chance that you'll see snow, but this is quite rare!

Because Brazil is popular for its Carnival celebrations, many tourists choose to travel here between February and March. As Brazil's peak summer months, December and January are also very popular. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, plan your jet charter to Brazil outside of these peak seasons.

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