Rio De Janeiro

For private jet travelers, Rio is one of the most spectacular destinations on earth. Towering green peaks descend into tropical beaches with some of the most famous seascapes including Ipanema and Copacabana. From the top of Sugar Loaf you can view the entire city and its amazing beachfront.

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With the most luxurious private jet Rio de Janeiro has to offer, Priority One Jets will deliver you into the abundance of natural beauty in Rio's unmatched expansive beaches and breathtaking mountains as a backdrop to lush Brazilian jungles. In addition, Rio's populus have a party-going spirit and passion that are the envy of the world.

Glamorous citizens are active day and night with a verve that enlivens every nook of this expansive metropolis on the Atlantic. From swanky Ipanema to the artsy, tree lined area of Santa Teresa, the neighborhood is humming with Brazilian beats, laughter and the unfalgging Carioca spirit. Whether you're a luminary in Joa, or a surfer on Copacabana, life is lived at a break-neck pace - dancing, flirtatious banter and posing are local pastimes. Caipirinhas, funk music and bar hopping are all part of this buzzing seize-the-day culture.

Ground Transportation: Affordable and plentiful. Unless you speak the local language, write down your hotel address so it is easy to relay to the driver for directions.

Packing Tips: Tiny bikinis, dancing appropriate shoes, insect repellent and make sure to leave behind your inhibitions.

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Recommended Books: Death in Brazil: a Book of Omissions by Peter Robb, an insightful, tightly written analysis of modern Brazil; funny and instructive, The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl by Bruna Surfistinha is a suitably raunchy beach read; Priscilla Ann Goslin's How to Be a Carioca is a tongue-in-cheek guide to the city's people.

Cuisine: Hard-partying Cariocas love their rocket-fuel which is a bold, sweet coffee and exotic frozen drinks made with zesty ingredients such as acai, goji berry or guarana, which are native to Brazil. The main menu staples are rice and beans, and stews, such as feijoada and moqueca; fresh fish is good, as are churrasco steaks, straight off the southern plains. There are plenty of contemporary and international restaurants in the Zona Sul, or you can share tapas (petiscos) at traditional botequins. Our favorite Brazilian export is cachaca, the sugar-cane spirit that puts the kick in your caipirinhas.

Currency: Brazilian real

Calling Code Brazil: 55. Rio de Janeiro Area Code: 21.

Best Travel Dates:December to mid-February is the peak season, when the area buzzes with energy during the lead up to Carnival. Long summer days on the beach blend into wild party nights.

Airports: GIG Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, known locally as Galeao is the main international hub for Rio.

SDU Santos Dumont Named after a Brazilian aviator, Santos is the second largest airport in Rio and located right on the bay in the northeastern part of town - better for private jets than GIG.

Airports in Rio De Janeiro