Selecting a Charter Broker (II)

10 Crucial Elements You Must Consider When Selecting a
Private Jet Charter Service

Part Two, Elements 6-10

6) Trip Planning

You should spend a minimal amount of time and effort in conjunction with the arrangements of your charter flight. Your provider should handle all of the various safety and comfort arrangements that you require, as we do here at Priority One Jets.

Our business model was designed to meet the specific travel needs of today’s busiest corporate executives – those with the most detailed and stringent scheduling needs. Priority One Jets seeks at all times to create a Best in Class experience when you fly with us, handling every detail of your flight planning using our concierge services, ranging from full-service catering, wifi on your plane, hotel reservations, luxury ground transportation waiting for you on the tarmac – even tickets to the big event when possible.  We believe that no other private jet charter provider can offer you a more comfortable and hassle-free travel experience as we can.

7) Travelling Internationally

Direct Air Carriers or Aircraft Operators are limited in their ability to provide service to specific areas of operation internationally.  Such as, a jet operator based in Texas who is eligible for operations within the US, Canada and Mexico – but be excluded from operating in Europe. An experienced charter provider should have working knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern international travel.

This ensures that you have the same level of safety and security found domestically when flying internationally as well.  To guarantee the safety of internationally-bound clients, it is vital the charter service you select carefully monitors every-changing international regulations worldwide, and assesses security risks and threats.  Priority One Jets has exhaustive experience with jet operators throughout the world which are strategically located to ensure your confidence you are traveling with uppermost levels of comfort and flexibility, giving you the most enjoyable flight experience.

Our impressive database provides you with the finest international private jet aircraft for you to choose from. Our planning agents can coordinate all of your concierge needs as they do domestically, along with route monitoring and itinerary support.  We’re also able to secure overflight permits for your flight home to the US in many cases; allowing you to bypass the first point of entry and clear customs instead at your destination.

8) Flexibility and Bespoke Solutions

One of the luxuries of chartering a private jet is the flexibility of flying only with the people of your choosing, allowing you to truly work or relax in your environment, at a schedule that meets your precise needs.  Fractional programs lock their customers into a specific type or category of aircraft and are unable to provide for a larger or smaller aircraft, without adding onerous fees, and thus Priority One Jets will not endorse traditional fractional ownership. It just doesn’t make sense financially. With the large up front “buy-in” charged by fractional ownership firms, combined with all of the additional fees, upsize/downsize charges, and the costs for exceeding hour limits added to the hourly charges for using the plane, the overall expense is unnecessary. Even with lower guaranteed hourly rates for a jet owned fractionally, when all numbers are taken into account. Private jet charter on-demand will save the private flyer 30% over traditional fractional jet ownership.

Selecting the aircraft that best fits your needs, bypassing the standard security checks that often slow down commercial flights, take-off dates, times and locations all tailored to your schedule, are a standard part of Priority One Jets on-demand private jet charters.  Our flight agents can provide you with the most suitable aircraft for the specific needs of your flight with as little as 4 hours’ notice. This flexibility in aircraft type allows Priority One Jets to meet the needs of any itinerary such as number of passengers or volume of luggage.

9) Billing and Flight Quotes

Some charter services deceptively burden clients with hidden fees, obligatory booking, or added charges while arranging your air charter flight.  Be sure your charter provider presents you a guaranteed quote, so that you won’t be billed after the trip with flight-related charges that exceed the quoted total. At Priority One Jets our experienced air charter consultants work to find you the best charter jet prices by reviewing the positioning requirements of the aircraft which best meet your itinerary needs. Priority One Jets also offers discounted one-way charter flights that are created when an aircraft needs to relocate from its current airport to the departure point of its next flight.

10) Experience and Safety

Working with an established, reputable air charter service ensures the safety of your passengers and that your trip will be planned by an industry professional, eliminating concerns like miscommunication or other scheduling blunders.  All safety information from our network are gathered by our third-party safety auditing partners – Argus and Wyvern. We analyze the data internally as well, to ensure that all safety requirements are met. Our due diligence is increased by our extensive knowledge of the jet charter industry, and having the skill to evaluate a wide range of reliability factors in every aircraft, in addition to our review of all of our flight crews and pilots.

We hope that the information in this guide to selecting an air charter service provider was helpful to you. Priority One Jets would love the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your precise needs and how we can provide the air charter solutions that you need.  Please contact one of our agents at 888.671.5387 who will be happy to quote and reserve your next charter flight.

Or get a Jet Charter Quote online. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can have your jet ready for departure in as little as four hours’ notice.