The Private Jet Travel Experience

Experience Luxury Travel – Private Jet Charter

Why should you consider private jet charters? Even though there are quite a few options of travel in this ever busy world we live in, air travel is still the one option to beat. But with all the hoopla surrounding most local airports today, due to the heightened security, the evasive pat-downs and the long lines, flying sometimes seems it’s become more of a hassle than a convenience. Even once we make it passed the airport security madness, more hassles await: namely the flight itself. Most travels that have experienced the misfortune of commercial airlines can all attest to the stress syndrome caused by cramped seats, rude passengers, the potential for lost luggage and the ever increasing chance of a delayed flight. Even first-class has but a thin curtain between the passenger and the screaming kid in the other section.

The advantages to renting a private jet over a commercial airline are practically too numerous to list. First off, because of their size, private jets can be extremely practical and, in most cases, capable of landing in a much larger selection of local airports that might be closer to your destination. There are some limitations like not being able to land everywhere in some cases or able to takeoff in bad weather (depending on the size of the charter plane). But the advantages far outweigh these minor stipulations. Security is another huge advantage. Security checks at airport terminals are much less evasive and stressful with private jet charters, with waiting time practically a non-issue. Scheduling is also a huge advantage and flights can be arranged pretty much to fit your exact needs. Missed connections, rude passengers, crowded cabins, lack of legroom and baggage checks, prevalent with commercial flights, are a non-factor.

Probably the most obvious benefit of a private jet lease is the comfortable amenities. There are a wide range of luxurious accommodations from champagne and first-class gourmet meals to massages and in-flight beauty treatment. However, other than additional fees for seat changes, these really just cut out many of the hassles of commercial flights and offer a stress-free experience; but can you actually save money? The primary costs are based on the type of service, the type of airliner, the age of the plane and the distant traveled.

Business is becoming increasingly global, which makes business travel a required expense with many companies. Private charters are an exceptionally savvy option for a company that flies frequently with a large number of employees. A multitude of commercial business flight fares is an expense that can very quickly add up, not including unforeseen delays, lost luggage and flight changes that can add additional charges. A private charter allows business executives to concentrate on the productive essentials and not have to worry about these expenses. Business meetings and conferences can be held between the company employees without having to worry about other passengers, which is time utilized for increased productivity.

Private jet flights aren’t just for business executives and their employees; a private jet can just as easily be leased by a family or group of buddies planning a long vacation across the country or across the world. Most people associate private jets with only the wealthy elite, rock stars or celebrities, but chartering private jets is actually just the same as renting a car, a tour bus, motor homes or boats. Most private charter companies offer an array of sizes and the selection depends primarily on the person’s budget, where they want to go, for how long and the amount of passengers attending. A selection can be made anywhere between a compact Learjet to a full jumbo airline. Typically the smaller the jet, the less travel capacity it has because the fuel reserve is much smaller. Capacities can range anywhere from a few hours to several days.

If you and a large party fly a few times every year, then chartering a private jet is probably the most practical, efficient, stress-free and economical option. Essentially, choosing the right option requires a bit of prudent research, which will ensure that you get absolutely want is necessary at the best possible bargain. It’s vital to know what sorts of services are being offered, exactly where you’re going, when and where you land. With a little due diligence, your luxurious trip can end up a comfortable, memorable and incredible adventure of a lifetime.