What does it cost to charter a private jet?

The True Cost of Private Jet Charter

The idea of chartering a private jet may seem expensive. In fact, it may seem so expensive, it may be viewed as something that can only be done by the rich and powerful. In reality, if a private jet is to be chartered by a group of people, for instance, the cost per passenger can be surprisingly affordable, especially given the current cost of first-class and business class air travel. Private jet chartering also allows for more personal preferences in regard to flight choices and circumstances. The overall flight quality is better. There is also a greater latitude of choices about arrival, departure and other circumstances of the trip.

The calculation for private jet chartering can be complicated, but it amounts to total flight hours multiplied by the base cost of private jet charter. The price of chartering a jet is based upon the size of the jet. There are three commonly available aircraft sizes, light jets, medium jets and full-size or heavy jets. Light jets range from $2000 to $3000 per flight hour. Heavy jets can cost over $5000 per flight hour. This cost, however, comes with a greater control over the condition and types of private jet chartered.

There will also be extra required charges as well as optional add-ons. In addition to the per hour flight charges, the person chartering the jet is responsible for all trip-based charges including landing fees, crew expenses, and others. If the flight is international, there will be added charges including those for any customs and immigration permits and permissions for plane, passengers and crew. The charterers will bear all such charges associated with the trip. Special catering and other charges may also be applied.

For example, a hypothetical flight duration from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada would be one hour. For a mid-sized jet with eight passengers, the cost might be $3500 per flight hour. Jet charter companies sometimes charge a minimum number of hours for a chartered flight. That per hour minimum that will vary from charter company to company. As an estimate, a charter flight per hour rate costing $7000 added to overnight plane expenses of around $2000 as well as other fees and catering for $600, would present a grand total of around $10,000 for this hypothetical flight.

If one divides that amount by eight passengers, however, its affordability, given the comfort and liberties of private jet charter travel, is easy to see. A roundtrip flight from Los Angeles International to Las Vegas, Nevada’s McCarran Airport would be roughly equal to the standard front desk fares at many major carriers.

Private charter companies also offer regional and other discounts. Some specialty hub charter companies feature substantial discounts at times. A little research will yield the best possible chartered private jet experience at the fairest price for all passengers.